Friday, October 2, 2009

5 Things I Love About Fall

Happy October! I know I've already done a 5 things I love post this week, but I wanted to do another one about fall. Obviously, living in SoCal, it's still about 90 degrees right now. I keep hearing my friends and family talk about how it feels like fall and I'm really missing it. Hopefully this post will help put me in a fall mood!

1. Twilight books: Don't judge. I think this series is a perfect read for fall! Once I get done with this semester I'm going to read them all again. Who's excited for New Moon in theaters in November?

2. Arm-warmers: I got some great black arm-warmers from H&M last fall. I didn't wear them much, but I'm looking forward to wearing them when I move home next month! I'd love to get some more. I've even thought about seeing if I could crochet or knit some myself; something to look into...

3. Caramel Apple Cider: This is the PERFECT fall beverage! I love going to the apple orchard in the fall and getting a gallon of their fresh cider. Just add a tablespoon of Torani caramel syrup!

4. Landon Pigg LP: This cd will always and forever remind me of October 2006 when my Grandpa passed away. I had recently bought this cd and had been listening to it on repeat. Heather and I had tickets to his show in Seattle, but flew home that morning to be with family. Every time I turn it on, I can picture myself waiting anxiously for phone calls from my mom or walking to Sunset Hill to clear my head. Fingers crossed I'll be seeing him this November. Also, he plays Ellen Page's love interest in Whip It.

5. Jeffrey Campbell heels: One of the Fall trends this year is Dark Glam. Think leather leggings, blacks, grays, chains, etc. I saw these at Nordstrom and had to have them. They are ridiculous and I love them.

Janelle & I in Vegas!

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