Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Things I Love When I'm Sick

I know I haven't posted much lately, but like I said before I've been sick for the past week. I thought my 5 things I love for this week should be a sick version.

1. House, M.D.: When I'm sick I spend most of my time on the couch. I love having something to watch while I feel miserable. House is always a great show to watch, just a little ironic to watch when you're sick. Ha. Also, I think I have a crush on him.

2. Pike Place Market Spice Tea: Not only does it remind me of Seattle, but the hot tea tastes great and is perfect to drink when you have a sore throat!

3. Vicks Vaporub: My dad is OBSESSED with Vicks. Anytime Heather or I would get sick he would insist on smothering us with Vicks and would always try to put it on our noses (ouch!). When looking for a picture I found out that besides just putting it on your chest for a cough, you can rub it on your feet too! Weirdo. I'm gonna warm up some socks in the dryer before bed and try it!

4. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal: There's just something comforting about a nice bowl of hot oatmeal. When I'm sick I don't really want to eat anything, but this is usually perfect!

5. Victoria's Secret PINK pj's: There's nothing like a comfy pair of pj's when you're feeling sick. I have way too many VS PINK sweats, but I just love them so much! Super cute and cozy!

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