Friday, October 16, 2009

Secret Paint Party

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been sick & just keeping up on homework has been a challenge.

Last month I randomly found The Ting Ting's twitter page. I followed them and that night they posted about a secret paint party/show in L.A. the next night (Sept 19). I emailed right away and got my name on the list plus one.

The next day, the roomies and I went to Disneyland. When we got home we were wiped out. Heather and I debated about going but finally decided we had to, because the whole thing was just too random and we knew we'd have fun.

We drove to L.A. and parked at a garage on Hollywood Blvd. We walked to the venue and waited in line for about an hour. They slowly let people in, first having us sign release forms, then providing us with free Adidas track suits and having us change into them. We went down to the party, waiting for about another hour for everything to start. Finally they opened curtains and the room doubled in size. People were waiting with trays of paint bottles and everyone started going crazy! Paint everywhere!!

The walls were covered in black squares that everyone was supposed to decorate. The Ting Tings are going to use the final work as their next album artwork. After at least a half hour they finally came on stage. Heather and I stayed off to the side, she had already gotten paint in her ear and almost in her eyes. At one point I randomly glanced over my shoulder and saw Perez Hilton. I nudged Heather and told her, then proceeded to go over and ask for a picture with him.

We ended up leaving fairly early because we were both exhausted and still had a long drive home. So we walked down Hollywood Blvd covered in paint and weren't the weirdest people there. Right before we got on the elevator at the parking garage we spotted two girls from the Disney show Jonas. Unfortunately we weren't exactly fit for pictures and they were busy with friends. What a crazy, ridiculous night!!

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  1. omg this is so cool and random, how much fun is that! crazy!