Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Things I Love: Seattle Restaurants

I went to Seattle last weekend to visit some friends. Although I only went to one of these places, I was inspired to post some of my favorite places to eat in Seattle.

1. Matador: This place has Tex-Mex gourment food and a tequila bar. I think it was one of the first places I went after I turned 21. We loved going to the happy hour there and getting their famous nachos and drinks! They also have the best long island ice teas I've ever had. I've had some fabulous times with my friends here. It's one of the places I miss the most!

2. Wasabi Bistro: Caitlin introduced us to this place. It was my first sushi experience. Although, I usually only order their Seattle Tempura roll. It's salmon, cream cheese, avacado and teriyaki sauce! Love it!!!

3. Elliot Bay Pizza Company: Okay, so I couldn't find a picture of the front the the restaurant, but it's not pretty so it's all good. Heather and I randomly found this place freshman year of college. I'm in love with their turkey, bacon, ranch sandwich! I think it's the only thing I've ever ordered. SOOOOO GOOD!

4. Greenlake Bar & Grill: If there's a wait to be seated, this is the best place to be. It's right by Greenlake so you can just go for a walk while you wait! Janelle and I went to happy hour here while I was visiting last weekend. Love their wedge salad and bbq chicken quesadillas!

5. Orrapin Thai Cusine: I haven't found better Thai food anywhere else! It's on Queen Anne hill across the street from Starbucks and Tully's. I'm obsessed with their chicken pad thai! Mine and Heather's car caught on fire right before we had dinner there once. Oh the memories...

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