Tuesday, December 29, 2009

24 before 25

I have almost 7 months before I turn 25. I got the idea to make a list of 24 things to do before I turn 25 from Elsie and Heather, listing goals, dreams and silly to-do's. I've finally completed my list. Some of them are simpler and more realistic than others. Like Heather said, they can kind of be considered resolutions for the new year.

1 get out of credit card debt
2 start a bible study/quiet time routine
3 re-read twilight series *december/january
4 get a job
5 learn photoshop (class spring semester)

6 blog 3x/week
7 create photo concepts for photoshoots (1x/month)
8 trade in my car for a hybrid
9 catch up on photo albums
10 update my love journal

11 prep for a half marathon
12 go on a hike
13 start crocheting a blanket and a monkey
14 go to tablerock
15 send cards/care packages to soldiers serving overseas

16 take fashion/style pictures (1x/week)
18 catch up on gossip girl (seasons 1-3)
19 sew a dress
20 get A's for spring and summer semesters

21 visit my girls in seattle (january 21-25, jenny's birthday)
22 start paying my own phone bill (mom says i have to pay it myself by my birthday)
23 buy a new camera lens
24 pick a focus for my MFA program and a thesis idea

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