Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Back at 2009: July-December

Here's the second half of looking back at 2009.

Family from Idaho went on vacation to Disneyland, and Heather, Jenny and I were able to join them for a couple days. Jenny, Heather and I went on a relaxing vacation to Palm Springs. We stayed in Jenny's parents' timeshare. We spent the weekend lounging in the pool and soaking up the sun. My mom came down for a conference. Heather, mom and I went to Disneyland for a day to celebrate mine and Heather's birthday.

We met the Seattle girls in Vegas to celebrate 4 of our birthdays. We had a fabulous weekend at my parent's WorldMark resort. Heather, Jenny and I went to a Barcelona show at The Troubadour. We saw Lenka play a show at The Grove's Gap store and met her afterward. Got to spend a wonderful day with my friends from home, Daniel and Eric.

Bethanie, Jenny, Heather and I went on a mini adventure to the Redlands. Jenny, Heather and I enjoyed our favorite Taco Factory for lunch. Heather and I went to LA for The Ting Tings Secret Paint Party and met Perez Hilton.

Jenny, Heather and I made Wild Things hats. All the roomies went to Griffith Observatory. We had a couple trips to Disneyland. There was an Owl City show at The Troubadour. Our Seattle girls came to visit for Halloween. We went to Hollywood for the night and the next day we went to the beach.

This was a ridiculous busy month. It started with a trip to Seattle to meet baby Adam and see some friends. After I got back, I spent two weeks packing. Jenny's mom came to visit and we went to Disneyland (EPIC) and LA. Heather, Jenny and I saw Landon Pigg at House of Blues in Downtown Disney and got to met him after the show! I said goodbye to the girls and moved home to Idaho.

It started with a football game with the fam. We saw BSU's final game against New Mexico. Spent some time with friends and had Christmas with the family.

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