Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[5 things] for fun

I found the idea for this blog on here.

5 things I am looking forward to:
going to seattle friday
spending time with the nelson fam in seattle on monday
getting my student loan check next week
finding a job (hopefully in the next month)
getting the big bang theory from the library

5 things I did yesterday:
jillian michael's 30 day shred dvd for the first time (killer!)
went to target
made the BEST sugar cookies
worked on homework
watched kelly pickler on the ellen show

5 things I wish I could do:
travel the world
move back to seattle now
buy a new car
pay off all my debt/student loans today
find a direction in my photography and be more confident in my work

5 places I'd like to travel:
new york

5 cute things I've found online lately:
promise's diy necklaces
arian's etsy and cute owl city video

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