Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Things I Love

1. Taupe nail polish: WhoWhatWear recently posted this beauty board. I'm definitely going to have to snag some OPI: Over The Taupe polish for this spring. Love it.

2. Kurt Halsey: He is one of my most favorite artists! His work is what inspired both of my tattoos.

3. Victoria's Secret So Sexy Smoothing Shine Serum: When I worked at VS I picked up some of this at one of their sale's for like $5. I absolutely LOVE it. There's times when I don't have enough time to straighten my hair after drying it. I can run a little drop of this through my hair and I'm ready to go. I also like to add it when I do have time, makes me feel sleek and sexy.

4. Chipotle: This is one thing that Idaho doesn't have. How depressing? My first Chipotle experience was at the one in the U-District in Seattle my senior year of college. They were giving away burritos to SPU students when we bought drinks. All six of us roomies crammed into one car, in the pouring rain to get there. We had so much fun and their food is AMAZING!

5. Golden Girls: Thank you for being a friend. This is one of my all time favorite tv shows. In college Heather and I would stay up late doing homework and catch a couple episodes on Lifetime. Heather bought me a Stay Golden tshirt for Christmas a couple years ago. Love it.

Blanche: I love a tight man...tight man with cast iron pecks...thighs that could choke a bear...a butt you could eat breakfast off of. Then the two of us would...Rose, when did you get in?

Blanche: I'm abhorred.
Sophia: We know what you are Blance. I'm glad to finally hear you admit it.
Blanche: Sophia, I said abhorred.
Sophia: Abhorred, a slut, a tramp. It's all the same.

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  1. I love Chipotle! :) I miss it here in Longview too.