Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'll Make a Man Out of You

I decided I better post this too. Heather started it with her post. I actually had this song stuck in my head on Sunday and started singing it to her. Later that night she found this picture on weheartit. How awesome is this?!?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday: Francesca Battistelli

Heather and I went to The Rock and Worship Roadshow on Friday night and saw so many amazing bands perform. We had an awesome time. Check out the website and see if you can make it to one of their remaining tour dates. Tickets are only $10 and 7 amazing bands perform. Francesca is one of the performers and I absolutely love her music. Her official music videos are disabled to post, so here's a live performance video I found on youtube.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music Wednesday: Owl City


A couple weeks ago Heather and I went to Saver's where I found this awesome Polaroid camera for $5. I ending up winning some film for it on ebay. I haven't used it yet, but I'm really excited about it!

Last week Jenny sent me the link for this "From Couch to 5K" training plan. Heather and I went out and got these awesome Reebok ZigTech's. Heather's are blue and mine are pink and purple. I'm in love with them! So far we've completed week one and start week two tomorrow. I'm really excited about it! We still don't have a goal as far as a race goes. There's not a lot of options in the Boise area, the only races I found are kind of expensive to register.

In other news, I'm starting a final project for my Color Theory class soon. It's going to be fashion editoral style, focusing on the Spring 2010 trend of an Americana look. It's a western, rustic, floral, denim-inspired shoot. I went to the Youth Ranch Thrift Store and found a denim dress, denim vest and cowboy boots that I'll be able to use. The cowboy boots were under $7 and I also was lucky enough to find Newlyweds season 1 for $2.50. Awesome!! I'm not the biggest thrifter, but OMG, Boise/Meridian has the BEST thrift stores and SOO many too. I'm really excited about this project. I'll definitely post my final project when I finish so keep checking back in the next month!

Heather has a bunch of cute new things in her Etsy shop! I helped her make 11 new headbands over the weekend. She named all of the headbands and hairbows after women, friends and children who are important to her. Check out the Aimee Headband and the Ryanne Hair Bows!

Last week Heather got a message from the lovely Aimee saying that she featured a headband we sent her on her blog. She's such a sweetheart and the feature totally made my day! Check it out here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seattle Trip

I did the same thing with these Seattle pictures as I did with the Whistler pictures, forgot to post them until a month after the trip. My mom had a convention in Seattle in February and so the whole family tagged along. We were there from February 19-24th. We stayed with my mom's aunt and uncle Friday and Saturday and then moved to The Camlin downtown Sunday-Wednesday.

Monday the family went out and had a wonderful day in Seattle. We went to the Olympic Sculpture Park for the first time, had lunch at Elliot Bay Pizza Company, went to the Locks in Ballard and stopped at Pike Place Market. That night we had dinner at Mexico with Jenny and her family. Jenny stayed the night with us and we hit up the hot tub and watched The Hangover with my mom.

Tuesday, Heather, Jenny and I hung out with Caitlin, visited a little with Janelle and then met Megan and Aimee for dinner at The Matador. It was such a great trip! I love Seattle and miss my girls so much!! Sorry this is such a long post! I took so many pictures and it was too much work to think about making it two posts.

hump day

Friday, March 12, 2010

alice in wonderland

I'm so thankful that Heather models for me for my different photoshoots. I don't know what I'd do if she wasn't always so willing to help me. These images were for my Color Theory class, we're studying tone this week. I decided to use one of the images for my Photoshop class too, exploring different edits of the same image. So the first is tone and the second is my fun edit. I'm really happy with how they both turned out.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Morning Beauty

Morning Beauty featuring Ginta Lapina by Rony Shram