Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: The Matador - Part 2

I guess I think The Matador is so amazing that it needs another Tasty Tuesday post. You may have seen my post from two weeks ago. I tweeted about the post and got a message from The Matador inviting me to their launch party the Thursday before they opened. I was surprised and excited!

Heather and I got off work that Thursday, rushed home, got ready and headed downtown. The place was packed when we got there a little before 7pm. The wait for a table was 45 minutes, but we found a place at the fireplace.

We had Matador Margaritas, Tex-mex Spring Rolls and their AMAZING nachos.

Everyone was so incredibly friendly and not just the servers. There was a man who accidentally hit me in the back pretty hard when he went to hug his friend. He apologized quickly right after it happened, but then came over a little later and apologized again. Besides that, we had so much fun!! It felt like home! The atmosphere and decor was fabulous like their other locations. I love their huge mirrors with the ornate frames. The bathrooms are awesome, especially the sinks. Haha, I'm a nerd.

I'd like to thank The Matador for inviting me! We had such a great time. Since then we've been there two more times with friends. I'm already dreaming of going there again. I want to try the crab cakes and grilled stuffed jalapenos.

I figured, I'd also share the outfit I wore this night.
Shorts: Mossimo at Target
Black Bangle: Forever21
Other Bangles: JCrew


  1. Oh love that outfit! I miss that shirt! Also I'm jealous I you have a Matador near you now!

  2. I've never been to the Matador -- all your pictures make it look divine!