Wednesday, January 26, 2011

give me some sugar


I've been out of the loop (or loopy) the last couple days. Monday I had my surgery for this. I got a call from the doctor today that it was benign. I'm still pretty sore and absolutely HATE how the pain meds make me feel. I'm trying to only take them before bed because the spinning drives me crazy. I've been up and around more today and went out to lunch, but I'm still pretty tired because I haven't been sleeping great. Heather got a funny video of me waking up in recovery. Apparently I've been watching too much Grey's Anatomy because I kept talking about Christina Yang and what she would do or let me do if she were there. Haha! I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to post it on Youtube. We'll see... ;)

I thought the rest of this week was going to be busy with work, but it turns out I'm only working tomorrow. Then for most of February it looks like I'll just be working two days a week. Normally I might be kinda bummed that I'm not working more, but I just got an email the other day that my Midpoint Review Presentation is scheduled for Friday, March 4. I've started to freak out a little, since all of my stuff needs to be in San Francisco two weeks before my presentation. That gives me a little less than three weeks to be ready. AND Spring Semester starts on Monday! Ahhh! So the days I'm not working or doing school work I will be super busy prepping for the presentation. Well I'm off to make a timeline and plan of all the things I have to do before then. Here goes nothing...

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