Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've been working hard this past week to prepare for my Midpoint Review on March 4! Yes, I have a date! I'm sending my project off to San Francisco next week! I can't believe how fast this presentation is approaching! I've done some editing and more photoshoots so I'll have 13 pictures to present to the panel.

THIS is where my project ended at the end of last semester. Since then, I've become more specific with my project, in that I'll be taking pictures of people in my life, family, friends and acquaintances, instead of randoms. I think it's going to be more effective and beneficial in creating a stronger body of work.

I know it's hard to get the complete idea with the images being small on the computer screen, but let me tell you they're great to see printed in their final size of 16" x 24". The details are what help make it. Anyway, here are my 7 newest images for the project. Thanks again to everyone who helped me!

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