Monday, March 28, 2011


You may have seen my tweets from the other day. Sometime in the near future Heather and I will be flying out to Georgia to help Jenny move back to Washington. We don't know yet if it will be in June (praying!) or September, but in the last week we've talked a little bit more about our plans for the roadtrip back. I got really excited and did some searching on Google Maps.

That route isn't set in stone, well the last half isn't. We're trying to decide if we should go through Kansas and Colorado or Nebraska and Wyoming. Any thoughts on which would be better? I've done the whole NE and WY thing a couple times already. We definitely want to stop in Nashville, TN (PINKBERRY!) and Springfield, MO (Red Velvet!). There's also an In-N-Out near Salt Lake City, UT that we (I) would like to stop at if we have the chance. Are you getting an idea of how we're planning this? Definitely not looking for the fastest route, haha! We'd probably make Boise (home) our last stop before heading up to the Seattle area. It's been so fun to at least talk about these plans with the girls, even if they aren't set in stone yet. Things have been difficult for me lately and I've needed something fun like this to look forward to.

I don't think we want this to take forever, but let me know if there's some cool places you think we should stop enroute to Washington. Or if you live in one of the stops and want to let three girls crash for the night. ;)


  1. Its all about the important things in life, food and fun stores!

  2. oh my! HOW FUN IS THIS?! It's a dream of mine to drive across the U.S. :) You guys will have SO much fun. If you want to come out of the way and drive through North Texas, hit me up! haha

  3. Don't do Wyoming! It is the most boring stretch of road in the US!