Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seen It, Heard It, Read It

Seen It

The Social Network

Heather and I saw this in theaters, but recently watched it on dvd with our parents. I absolutely love this movie and can't wait to get the soundtrack! It was so well done and the story is from my generation. I find it amazing.

Veronica Mars Series

I have NO idea why I didn't watch this when it was on tv. I must have been too busy with The O.C. or something. Anyway, I love this series! I wish it was on longer than just three seasons because I was bummed with the way they ended it.

Letters to Juliet

I watched this during my weekend away to Camp Perkins. It was the perfect chick flick. I had seen it once before, but I was busy doing other things. This time I was able to catch stuff I didn't the first time around.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-3

I was sad when I finished Veronica Mars and jumped head first into this show. Both were recommended by my friends Megan and Janelle. I don't even want to know the exact day Heather and I started watching this, because it would be sickening to know how fast we've watched the first three seasons, haha. We just started season four on Thursday or Friday.

Heard It

Landon Pigg: The Boy Who Never

Landon kept me company on the drive up to Camp Perkins. I haven't listened to him in a while. This cd reminds me of when I moved home from California. Heather, Jenny and I got to meet him when he played at House of Blues in Anaheim two days before we moved. See my blog post HERE. It was the most perfect evening! He is the sweetest guy!

Adele: 21

I'm a BIG fan of this album. I must admit I haven't listened to her other one that much. Chasing Pavements will forever remind me of Heather and Jenny and our time in So-Cal. So many good memories.

The Decemberists: The King is Dead

Heather has been playing this a lot lately. Last week we were both working in the office and I had this on. It's another great album to add to your playlist.

Read It

Once again, I haven't been reading much besides school. I started a book at the crafting retreat, but haven't got around to finishing it. I have a huge list of books (in my head and on my nook) that I feel like I'll never get around to reading. One day I'll learn how to better manage my time and fit reading into it. Anyway, here's the what I've gotten around to reading lately.

School Modules

I'm taking Portraiture and Location Lighting this semester. I don't have books for either of these classes, just the weekly modules. This week is the start of mid-term week. I can't wait for Spring Break next week!

Twitter favs

Like last time, besides school I've just mainly been reading my tweets. These are some of my favorites from the last couple weeks.

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