Monday, March 14, 2011

self portrait

This week's assignment for my Portraiture class was to create a self-portrait. This was challenging and intimidating. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, involving my old Polaroid camera, however, the film was bad and it didn't work out. I've since looked into getting some new film here. I wish it wasn't so expensive. I digress. When the first idea didn't work out, I didn't actually come up with a second idea. I just took my camera, turned it around and started shooting. I also had a little help from Heather. I'm happy with what came out of it.

In addition to the self-portrait assignment I needed to submit a self-portrait by someone else. The first thing I thought of was Sarah Rhoads. A couple years ago Sarah Rhoads posted a self-portrait on her blog. See original post HERE. It was great to go back and look at that post now after reading the module. She said the following in her post:

“Whether it is for an exploration of self, a projection of self, a means of therapy or just as a means to remember what they looked like and how they felt during a particular season.”

“This internal self-exploration is powerful and seems to be a therapeutic and beneficial practice for every creative.”

After her original post she asked other people to submit their self-portraits, which she then compiled. See the blogs posts here: ONE, TWO, THREE. I found it very inspiring to look through these as I was in the process of making my own.

I guess it's because I'm naturally self-conscious, but it's so intimidating to post this, not only for my assignment, but also on my blog. Anyway, here's my self-portrait.


  1. Very cool! Your eyes are gorgeous! Pictures really are kind of a sneak peek into who a person is. Beautiful! xoxo