Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: Bon Jour Spring

It's officially Spring! I just wish the weather would get the memo. I can't wait for shorts and sandals! I'm on Spring Break and it just feels wrong to still be wearing sweaters and boots. I know I said last week I'd hopefully have an outfit picture for my Wardrobe Wednesday today, but life just seems so busy even with my Spring Break this week. I hope you enjoy this fun Spring outfit I created on Polyvore! The t-shirt reminds me of one time when Heather, Jenny and I were at Disneyland and the girls got mustaches painted on their faces. It was hilarious!

River Island printed tee
20 GBP -

Abercrombie Fitch short
$50 -

TopShop ankle strap sandal
$85 -

TopShop metal bracelet
$30 -

ASOS square earring
$14 -


  1. Haha I was just thinking about when we had our mustaches. That was epic.

  2. 'Sorry, the item you are looking for is currently unavailable...' - But I WANT this shirt!!