Tuesday, April 12, 2011

5 Things I Love

1. Holga 35mm Camera from Urban Outfitters

100 speed film
400 speed film
800 speed film

Last Saturday night Heather took the family out to The Matador. We stopped at Urban Outfitters afterwards where Heather bought a new record player and I got this sweet baby! I've started playing with it a little and I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my film developed! This camera is going to be great at helping me get a little more creative with my photography.

2. New Old Vinyl

While Heather bought a couple newer records when she got her record player, we stopped at the thrift store just to see if they had any goodies. We found these and it turned out everything was half off! We're slowly collecting some fun records. Our dad had a HUGE record collection from his days as a deejay, but sadly he sold EVERYTHING when we were in college. Half of the records we have right now are some that he use to have. Needless to say, we're pretty sad about it.

3. Fake Glasses

I took a page out of Miss Sydney's book and got some cute faux glasses. I love them so much. I had a girl ask me where I got my glasses from and I very quietly said, "The Icing." Haha.

4. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - True Love from Sephora

If you can imagine, I've never owned an eyeshadow palette before. I was in Sephora with Heather restocking some of my Urban Decay necessities. We wandered over to the Kat Von D area and fell in love with this palette. I've had so much fun playing with it in the last two weeks!

5. Rings

So who doesn't know I love rings? They're my favorite accessory by far! These are some of my newer ones. The plain silver, magnolia flower and the spotted gold are all from Premier Jewelry. The black and silver ring is from the Forever21 giveaway I won. The two seashell rings were gifts for Heather and me from Jenny's Spring Break in Hilton Head.

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