Thursday, June 2, 2011

Greetings from Savannah

I just wanted to check in and say hi! We've been having a great time in Savannah and I wanted to share some of what we've been doing. Jenny has had classes and stuff to finish up with school so Heather and I have been exploring while she's busy. Like we said in our video, Tuesday morning we got up early and Jenny dropped us off. We hung out at the coffee shop and then wandered around town taking pictures. Heather and I came back and took naps and then went to a class presentation with Jenny. We had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant and then came back, unwound and watched some tv.

Wednesday we slept in a little bit. Jenny was able to walk to class so Heather and I borrowed her car and went back to the coffee shop. We read our Nooks and then wandered around until we found a mailbox to send off some postcards. After Jenny's class we had a fun lunch with some of her classmates at a cute cafe nearby. We've mostly just been relaxing at her apartment, which is nice. (I'm writing this late Wednesday afternoon) Our plan for this evening is after Jenny's meeting to go to Lulu's Chocolate Bar and enjoy some dessert and Sparklebombs! But she has a presentation and test in the morning so we don't want to be out too late.

Here are a few pictures from when Heather and I explored the city.

Today we'll be packing up Jenny's car and then we're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning! I'll do my best to keep up from the road, but I'm not going to make any guarantees. I have a few scheduled posts from now until we get home, so you'll all know where we're at or where we're going.

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