Friday, June 3, 2011


Day one complete! We made it to Nashville or as I have been calling it all day, Mashaville.

We finished loading the car and got on the road by about 7:30am. We made a pit stop and fuel stop before we got to Atlanta. We stopped at Pinkberry for lunch and then made our way up to Nashville, after another fuel stop.

Unfortunately, the Whittaker family is out of town, but they so graciously let us stay at their house anyway (which, btw is gorgeous and so creatively decorated). We unloaded our suitcases, freshened up and then went to Baja Burrito for dinner, thanks to a suggestion on twitter. We ended up downtown on Broadway. It was fun to walk up and down the street and stop in some of the fun tourist-y shops. My favorite shop was the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. I was able to take some pictures in there and Heather ended up getting Taylor Swift's Speak Now on vinyl.

We're all pretty tired so we headed back to the house. We're going to relax a little bit, re-group and then get to bed early. We have another 8 hour drive ahead of us.

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