Monday, June 6, 2011

Music Monday: Tyrone Wells

You may have already seen Heather's post HERE about when we went to see Tyrone Wells, but I couldn't NOT post about it too. I knew for a month or so that Tyrone was coming back to Boise so I sent him a tweet asking if he'd need help with merch again. He said yes and Heather and I couldn't wait! It's a great way to see a show for free, especially being very broke right now.

It was great to see Tyrone and Mark again! They're both so friendly and genuine. It's always refreshing to meet people like that. The show was great and the merch table was close to the stage! It was at a bar, so unfortunately there were the annoying drunk people that got too loud. Tyrone ended up stopping one song because no one would quiet down, which was unfortunate. Heather and I were just glad we had the merch table as a barrier from some of the crazies because I don't like dealing with crowds like that. Anyway, Tyrone played some new songs and I'm really looking forward to his new album coming out, in hopefully the near future. I look forward to attending many more of his shows!

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