Thursday, June 16, 2011

my week in pictures

If you're following me on twitter you may have seen some of the photos I posted via yfrog recently. I'm posting a few of my favorites from this past week and some that I didn't post online.

I went to Twin Falls last weekend to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday. Saturday I ended up at Shoshone Falls, which happens to be taller than Niagra. Unfortunately the only camera I had was on my phone. I got kind of snap-happy, but it was so gorgeous.

Lots of birthday celebrations (and dessert!).

On the way home: the Idaho desert.

We stopped at Lowes (at Overland and Cole in Boise) on the way home for the Wish Granters playhouse raffle. Every ticket is $1 for the raffle. This particular playhouse is part of a silent auction. It ends this Sunday (June 19), so there's still time to get your tickets! Check out Wish Granters on facebook.

Yesterday I ran errands with my mom and aunt and we stopped at Starbucks. There's nothing better than an iced caramel macchiato on a summer day!

Hope you've all had a great week! It's almost the weekend! :)

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