Monday, June 6, 2011


Today was a loooooong day. We ended up being on the road for about 13 hours. We're so glad to finally be in Salt Lake. I have to say last night in Nebraska I had probably the most restful sleep in a week. We went to bed early and got a little extra sleep which was definitely necessary to get through today. Anyway, we got up and got ready, ate breakfast and talked with Cindy a little bit before we got on the road at 7:00 am. We stopped in North Platte, about an hour outside of Lexington, for Starbucks! A little after that we switched into Mountain Standard Time Zone. We stopped for fuel and had to get a picture by the Sinclair dinosaur.

We finally got to Wyoming, which turned out not to be very nice to us. We tried to stop in Cheyenne for lunch around 11:00 am, but nothing was working out and we couldn't find anything. We ended up heading to Laramie, Heather had found a vegetarian place there. We got into Laramie around 12 and had lunch at Sweet Melissa's. It took a while to get our food, but it was really good. We finally got back on the road around 1:00 pm.

We stopped in Sinclair, WY for fuel and a snack. I took over driving from Jenny. It was soooo windy! By the time we got to Green River, WY area we were all going pretty crazy. We were singing and laughing. We stopped in Little America, WY for gas around 5:00 pm and there were wind advisories of 45+ mph winds. Not cool. Cruise control wasn't even possibly because the poor car was working so hard. Heather took over driving after that. About 10 miles before we got to Utah I called 911 and reported a crazy semi truck driver who was driving recklessly. It was so windy and starting to rain. He was speeding like a psycho and tailgating. It was horrible. We were thankful to finally make in into Utah, after what felt like forever. We got into Salt Lake a little after 7:00 pm and checked into our sketchy motel (Motel 6) by the airport and freeway.

We freshened up really quick and then drove to In-N-Out where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and Neapolitan shakes. We got back to our hotel a little bit ago and are unwinding and getting to bed soon. I am so excited to get home tomorrow and sleep in my own bed, especially because I'm really scared I'm going to get a disease from the one I'm sleeping in tonight. Okay, I should go. I still have a few things I want to do before I can pass out. Goodnight friends.

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