Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seen It, Heard It, Read It

Seen It

Remember Me

This movie has been in my Netflix queue for the longest time. I moved it to the top of the list while my dad’s been out of town because I figured it was a chick flick that he wouldn’t be interested in. I thought it was a great movie and very unexpected. Plus, Robert Pattinson was some sweet eye candy.

Ramona and Beezus

I remember reading this when I was younger and so I was excited to see the movie. It was a sweet story and was definitely family friendly. Joey King was an adorable Ramona and Selena Gomez was a perfect big sister.

Soul Surfer

Heather, my mom and I went and saw this at the dollar theater a couple weeks ago. It was such an incredible and inspiring story. I pretty much cried through the whole thing. Check out Carlos' blog about this movie HERE. It's amazing.

Bad Teacher

Heather, my mom and I decided to go to a movie last Sunday afternoon. There was nothing worthwhile playing at the dollar theaters so we decided we’d pick a new movie to go see. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to choose from, but we decided on Bad Teacher. First of all, my mom did NOT like it. Just a suggestion: don’t take your mom to see this, even if she does love Justin Timberlake. The story left much to be desired. As Heather said, the message she got from it was that you can manipulate people to get ahead as long as you don’t get caught. If you want to see this movie I’d definitely wait until it’s on dvd. I wish I hadn’t spent the money on it. Bummer.

Heard It

Shawn McDonald: Rise

I heard this song this past week on Air1Radio and immediately fell in love with it.

Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger

Has anyone else had this song stuck in their heads for the last couple weeks? I must confess there have been a couple times that I’ve played it on repeat. It’s so catchy and I can’t help but dancing every time I hear it.

Read It
Divine by Karen Kingsbury

This book is a story of a modern day Mary Magdalene. Mary Madison grew up with horrible tragedies in her life but overcame it all through the divine power of God. She’s used her story to help others and will once again share what she’s faced with a young woman named Emma who is trying to escape an abusive relationship and care for her two young daughters.

Reunion by Karen Kingsbury

I was so happy to finally finish the Redemption series! This was the perfect end to it all. I was just so happy when I finished it because I knew I didn't have to say goodbye to the Baxter family yet. I was able to continue to get to know them in the next series by Karen.

Firstborn Series

Fame by Karen Kingsbury
Forgiven by Karen Kingsbury
Found by Karen Kingsbury
Family by Karen Kingsbury
Forever by Karen Kingsbury

While the Baxter family is part of this series, it also has many new characters. I really enjoyed all of these books. I probably read them in less than a week. Before I start the Sunrise Series I'm going to try to finish up all of Karen's stand alone books that I haven't read yet. If you haven't read any of her books yet, I definitely recommend it. Karen's trademark is "Life-changing fiction" and that's definitely true of each and every one of her books.

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