Thursday, July 14, 2011

SexyBack Challenge - Week 4

It's time for the SexyBack Challenge Week 4 check in!

This week started out a little wonky. I didn't have to work on Friday, but I was miserable and sick in bed all day. Besides getting off to a rocky start I ate pretty good throughout the week. I had fresh salads for lunch everyday and drank at least 2+ bottles of water. Although I must confess that Coke is probably going to be my downfall. I'm trying to be more conscious of how much I drink or choose something different to drink.

Halfway through the week a switch flipped in my workout routine. I started going on walks in the evening with the sister. We're trying to find the perfect walking loop. When we lived in Cali we had the perfect 3 mile loop to walk through Claremont. When we were really ambitious we'd walk the 4 flights of stairs (multiple times) at the parking garage in the center of town. We tried a new route last night and went 1.7 miles. Tonight we made it 2 miles. But we're pretty sure we know the exact route to get over 3 miles. We're slowly working our way up.

Here's my picture for the week, it's from our walk tonight:

One of my favorite things is using my Runkeeper App on my phone during our walks. It easily calculates the length, time, calories and minutes per mile.

This weekend the sister and I are housesitting. We don't know the area well enough to be comfortable going on walks so we'll definitely be bringing along a workout dvd.

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