Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Makeover

This post has been a long time coming. This is the secret project I was working on last month!

In August when my dad went to Texas [for the third time since April] on a Fire Information assignment, my mom and I went to work. She wanted to surprise him, so during the three weeks he was gone we made over the master bedroom and bathroom. They had never really decorated their room and weren’t happy with the recent purple paint job in the bathroom.

I loved my extended paint roller brush!

Heather wasn’t able to help because she was recovering from whiplash. So it was pretty much just mom and me. It was hard work, but really fun! I even became mayor of Home Depot on Fourquare during the process. While we were cleaning out their room I found a stash of some of my dad’s old photography. I got the idea to use it as part of their d├ęcor. It ended up working perfectly and was a fun surprise for my dad. I also found some gifts that were given to him when he retired from the BLM a few years ago. Mom and I bought a shadow box to include some of his favorite pins, name badge and a pocket watch that was given to him when he retired. 

After we finished up the master bedroom and bathroom, my mom “surprised” Heather and I by telling us that we could makeover our bathroom. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or stressed about it, haha. Mom went to a convention in Minneapolis and gave Heather and I some cash and guidelines. She wanted us to keep the shower curtain and the soap dispenser, cup and a few decorations. 

Heather and I spent the next three days picking out paint at Home Depot, stripping old wallpaper off, texturizing the now stripped, previously wallpapered walls, priming and painting. We even created some new decorations for the wall in our bathroom. We used DIY project ideas from Promise and Elsie. It was hard work, but we loved how it all came together. My mom was a little shocked by the color of the paint we chose. She was expecting/hoping for something subtler, but she likes how it came together. 

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