Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend away

I had a wonderful weekend away at Camp Perkins! It was so refreshing to spend the weekend in God's beautiful creation. You can't be up there and not just feel His presence. We got up there Friday afternoon after stopping in Fairfield for burgers at The Wrangler. I just wish I would have seen they had a veggie burger on the menu before I ordered. Oh well, it was still tasty! I did some digital scrapbooking, got a massage, went snowshoeing, night luging, watched some movies, did a foot spa and hand wax (creepy, but awesome) and relaxed. Here are a few pictures from my cell phone (gotta love the retro cam app) of the weekend. Today's been rough, it's hard to go back to real-life after a little vacay. Heather posted her photos from this weekend HERE, be sure to check them out too!