Monday, January 16, 2012

Seen It...

It's been a long time since I've done a Seen It, Heard It, Read It post.  Since I've seen, heard and read a lot since my last post I figured I'd break this up into three separate posts so it won't get too long.

Jenny got me hooked on this show back in September.  Unfortunately with it being a British show I can only watch it by random websites.  Miranda is a single woman, who owns her own shop and is crushing on the chef at the restaurant next door.  Miranda is a little awkward in social situations and her mother is desperate for her to find a man and get married.  It's hilarious!

Heather started watching this one day when she was sick and I soon got sucked into it too.  I can't wait for season 3 to go on instant Netflix.  I love the sass and wit in this unconventional story about a wanna be model, Deb, who dies in an accident and her soul returns to earth in the body of a smart, plus-size attorney Jane, who also died recently.

As soon as I finished reading the books, I found this on instant Netflix.  I really loved all three movies and I'm a little weary of seeing the American version.  Although, as with any books to movies, I'll have to take it for what it is.  Even the Swedish versions strayed a little from the books.

This is one that had been in the queue for a while and finally made it's way to the top.  I figured it'd be a ho-hum, cute movie, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.  It's a fun movie about

I had no idea when I first started this movie that 1: it was based on a true story and 2: it would be a little creepy.  It starts off a love story, but slowly things start falling apart and eventually the wife disappears.

There's not much to say about this.  It was delightful!  Must see!  Great combo of action and laughs!

One of those movies you see just because.  It had some great lessons in it and Jaden is just a cutie.  Bonus: Never Say Never plays during the credits.

You either love it or you don't.  I'm a sap and I love it.  Noah and Allie's story has it's share of heartbreak, but in the end their love does conquer all.

Another chick flick, after Holly's husband Gerry dies she's left to pick up the pieces of her life.  Unexpectedly she starts receiving letters from Gerry after he's gone.  Holly begins a journey of rediscovery.

What can I say? LOVE.

Oldie but goodie.  It was on instant Netflix and I indulged.

This was suggested on instant Netflix.  Heather had seen it before I did and said I should definitely check it out.  It was pretty hard to watch, but I think it's so important that people watch it because it's such an important topic.  If you or anyone you know has been affected by bullying [of any kind] please check out the Kind Campaign.

I've seen this a couple times, but recently watched it with Heather and Jenny.  Crazy, but amazing.  Right, Heather?

Santa brought our family this movie for Christmas.  Heather and I had both read the book and were anxiously waiting to see the movie.  It definitely lived up to my expectations.  If you haven't seen or read either, do it now!

I've seen an episode of this show here and there.  Heather started watching it when it first came out, but I was always busy when it was on.  We got my dad this season for Christmas and I got hooked.  Richard Castle is an author who was brought in by the NYPD because of a copy-cat killer based on one of his books.  He recently killed off the main character of his book series and has writer's block.  He decides to use Detective Kate Beckett as a model for the main character his new series.  He shadows her team with different investigations and provides a unique insight that helps solve various murders.

To steal a summary of this from Heather [see her post HERE]: "To sum it up, Young Adult is about Mavis Gary, a divorced, 37 year old, writer of a soon-to-be-canceled young adult book series. Mavis finds out that her high school boyfriend, Buddy, and his wife, Becky, had a baby girl. She goes back to her hometown believing that she and Buddy are meant to be together and works up a plot to get him back. It is slightly painful to see her advances toward a married man who has obviously moved on. Mavis is ridiculously diluted; you can’t help but simultaneously feel embarrassed and sorry for her. I’ll leave it to you to see how it ends."

What have you seen lately?  Do you have any movie or tv suggestions for me?

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  1. I NEVER have time to watch movies but lately I've watched quite a few! The Help (loved!), One Day (hated), Crazy Stupid Love (loved!), and Midnight in Paris (pretty cute). I think I'm going to watch that Cyberbully thing!