Saturday, January 14, 2012


What a strange week! You know it's gonna be a little off when the week starts with a full moon and ends with Friday the 13th! I was originally scheduled for 4 days of work this week, but ended up needing to cover someone's shift on Monday so I worked 5 days. Sadly, I only photographed 4 babies. How frustrating! You'd think with all that "spare time" I would have found some time to blog, but alas it didn't happen.

I thought'd I'd share a few pictures from my week.

My "cart" at work.  Love my new brag book [in lower left corner]!

Watched some chick flicks after I got home in the afternoons.

Went thrifting with Heather and found this creepy record.  Don't worry we didn't get it. ;)

Gave myself a manicure.  Love Rainbow in the S-Kylie!

Watched LOTR Fellowship with the padre and sister [& Blizzard] while mom is out of town.

I hope you all had a less bizarre week than I did.  I'm working a few less days next week so I'll [HOPEFULLY] get into a better blogging routine.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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