Thursday, February 2, 2012

26 before 27: 6 month update

I have 6 months left before my birthday and I thought it’d be a good time to do an update on how my goals are coming along.  You can see my first update HERE.

These are a few things I’ve accomplished since then and ones that I’m currently working on.

2. Visit my Seattle girls: I was able to take two trips to Seattle last fall, in both September and October.

October trip - with Megan & Aimee at a Sounders game

3. Attend Ignite Boise: I went to IB7 with my parents, faux aunt and cousin in October.  I’m looking forward to IB8 in April.
7. Meet one or more twitter/blogger friends in real life: So far I’ve only met one twitter/blogger friend in real life and that’s Brandy [blog / twitter].  We were lucky enough to meet after Ignite Boise.  It was about time!  I hope that I’m able to meet a couple other twitter /blogger friends in the next 6 months.

8. Read the Bible cover to cover: I mentioned this in my last goals post, but I’m excited to say that I’m on track to finish in 6 months.  I highly recommend THIS plan to read the Bible in a year.  It’s been going great.  I’m pretty sure this goal is going to be on my list again next year.  Right now I’m reading The Message translation and I think I’ll go through the NIV translation next.

12. Get current on my photo albums: My sister and I have been attending my mom’s monthly crops to work on our albums.  We finished our 2007 albums and I’ve been slowly working on wrapping up all my traditional albums.  There’s a lot left to journal, but I’m getting through it.  In two weeks we’re going up to Camp Perkins for a women’s crafting retreat.  I’m looking forward to getting away and hopefully getting 2008 done.  Check out Creative Memories HERE to learn more about digital solutions for your photos.  It's not about "scrapbooking" it's about getting your pictures in albums to enjoy.

13. Take photos with my Holga and get them developed via the Darkroom: I shouldn’t have spent the money, but I finally bit the bullet and sent in some rolls to get developed by the Darkroom.  It was so fun to see my images.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorites on here next week.

14. Be the top seller for Bella Baby Photography in Boise: This is something I've been struggling with and is one of my top priorities.  I get paid solely on commission and I've been struggling financially.  I'm putting steps in place to become better at selling.  In the next week or two I'll hopefully be shadowing some of my fellow photographers to learn all I can from them about improving my selling techniques.

15. Become a certified Bella Life Photographer: I’m “pre-certified” as a Bella Life Photographer.  There are a few steps left to become officially certified, like shadowing the lead photographer and then submitting a few more sessions for critiques.
17. Take a photography class: I’d like to take [this portrait class] online via Improve Photography.  I’m hoping to save enough money to take it in the next month or two.

20. Make a dress: I didn’t make a dress, although it’s still on my list.  This past weekend Heather and I had the house to ourselves and deemed it “craft time.”  I drafted a pattern for a skirt and then made it with some gorgeous fabric that a friend gave me.  I'll share pictures of the skirt in an upcoming Wardrobe Wednesday post.

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