Tuesday, May 1, 2012

26 before 27: 9 month update

I can't believe that I only have 3 months left to wrap up my 26 before 27 goals! I thought I'd share my list with everything that I have accomplished crossed out. I do have a few things left; some which I don't know how or if I'll be able to finish. I've made little notes next to some of the goals, because there are some that I've officially taken off of my list.

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Friends & Social           
1. Meet Amanda in real life
2. Visit my Seattle girls
3. Attend Ignite Boise
4. Reach over 600 followers on twitter - I'll be happy if I reach 500, I'm 14 away.
5. Blog consistently and increase my blog followers [100+] - I have 35 followers. I'm fine with that. :)
6. Host a giveaway on my blog - maybe when I reach 50 :)
7. Meet one or more twitter/blogger friends in real life

8. Read the Bible cover to cover - I'm almost done!
9. Participate in the Women’s Bible Study at church and be prepared for each class

10. Get out of debt and save money, create a monthly budget
11. Move out of my parent’s house

12. Get current on my photo albums
13. Take photos with my Holga and get them developed via the Darkroom
14. Be the top seller for Bella Baby Photography in Boise - I'm no longer working for Bella, so this is no longer relevant.
15. Become a certified Bella Life Photographer - Ditto (see above)
16. Brainstorm photography concepts and create two personal photo series
17. Take a photography class
18. Expand my personal photography business through senior portrait sessions and family sessions

19. Go on a date
20. Make a dress
21. Have a movie marathon
22. Build a fort/tent inside on a rainy day
23. Develop my personal style, do the 30x30 challenge
24. Complete Red Velvet’s Blog E-Course & Dream Job E-Course

25. Maintain organization in my life, personally and work-related
26. View the following documentaries: Beyond The Bottle [Miir] and Finding Kind [Kind Campaign] and donate to each organization

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