Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 Things I Love: Summer

1. Sitting on the deck: A few years ago, maybe when I was in college, my parents did a huge backyard makeover. They built a large deck and planted tons of gorgeous shrubbery and foliage. Every summer I enjoy sitting out on the deck, either reading, hanging out with friends and family or BBQ-ing. It's a wonderful and restful place. I love when it starts getting warm enough to hang out there.

2. Shorts & sandals: Boise recently got a Nordstrom Rack! For Easter my mom gave my sister and me gift certificates for Nordy's. I decided on Paige Denim boyfriend shorts and MIA wedges. I've been needing to update my summer wardrobe for a while. In California my wardrobe was made up of tank tops, shorts and sandals, but many of those things have passed on since then. I felt like I made a smart decision with this purchase and I've already gotten plenty of use out of both the shorts and the wedges.


3. Drive-in movies: I haven't been to a drive-in movie in a long time, but it's definitely a favorite summertime activity. There are four drive-in's fairly close to where I live. I'd love to be able to go a few times this summer. It'd be a great outing for when out-of-town friends visit!

4. Snake River Stampede Rodeo: I've been to many different rodeos since I was little. When I was growing up my dad would sometimes be Smoky Bear at various rodeos. Yeah, be jealous. When I was little, my sister, cousin and I would all cheer for the animals instead of the cowboys, haha! Anyway, I went to the Snake River Stampede two summers ago when two of my Seattle friends came to visit. It was so much fun! We weren't able to go last year, so I'm hoping it will work this year. It's another one of those fun summertime activities!

5. Bikinis: Summertime is always a fun excuse to get a new bikini. When I lived in California there was always a good excuse to get a new one and I have a lot from when I was there; I probably never need to buy another one again. I love going to the beach or water parks during the summer. It's a fun way to cool off in the summer heat. Target always has lots of great bikinis for reasonable prices. Here's a cute one from Victoria's Secret.

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  1. You lost me for a moment at "shrubbery".... Monty Python in search of the Holy Grail? Anyone?

    In other news, drive-in movies are the best. So much fun with a bunch of friends!