Friday, May 4, 2012

Fashion Friday

Since I didn't do a jewelry post on Wednesday, I thought I'd slip one in for a Fashion Friday post. Today I'm featuring two different pieces: Cutting Edge toggle bracelet and Golden Girl pin and magnetic enhancer.

The Cutting Edge bracelet has matching earrings and a fabulous asymmetrical necklace (36"). I love the gold and silver mix. It's a great way to add either metal to your outfit. I've been using it to incorporate more gold into my outfits. I love to wear it on the same wrist as my silver watch and then add a different bracelet (silver, gold, antique brass, or beads, etc.) on the other wrist. I've never had a toggle bracelet before, so I was unsure about whether or not I should be worried about it falling off. But I've never had any problems with it. I like that it can be adjustable if I want it to be. It's 7&1/4" to 8&1/4". My favorite part is the great balance between the polished silver and the gorgeous texturized gold.

The Golden Girl pin and magnetic enhancer is similar to the Flipside enhancer I featured last week. See [HERE]. It has a magnetic closure on the back so you are able to easily add it or remove it from various chains. The difference between the Flipside and Golden Girl is that Golden Girl is also a pin. It's so versatile! It's eye-catching on a simple gold chain and looks chic on a strand of pearls. It is a bright and gorgeous textured gold with sparkling crystals in the center.

See me wearing Golden Girl [HERE] on Day 29 with Sunny Necklace.

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