Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Jewelry

Today I'll be showing how to wear one necklace four different ways. Like I've said before, coming up with new ways to mix and match the jewelry is one of my favorite parts of my job.

The necklace featured today is Costa Rica. I consider it a staple in my jewelry wardrobe. It has a fun bohemian feel to it.

Costa Rica is 32" long, five-strand necklace with a 4" extender with lobster claw closure. Two strands are delicate silver chains, two strands are heavier silver chains and the final strand is made of beautiful beads.

ONE: Long

TWO: Criss-crossed (half of it doubled) with Stylin' enhancer

THREE: Long, framing the Botanical Necklace

FOUR: Doubled with Stylin' Enhancer

I've used the Stylin' enhancer for this demonstration, but I also like to use an enhancer called Silver Swirl and I've even used the Flipside's teal side [see HERE]. These are just a few ways to wear Costa Rica; there are so many more possibilites!

See me wearing Costa Rica on Day 4 (with the Silver Swirl) [HERE] and on Day 15 (with Botanical) [HERE].

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