Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Year Ago

Lately I've been reminiscing about the epic road trip from last year, since it was almost exactly a year ago that we started our journey. Last year on May 30th, Heather and I flew to Savannah to help Jenny pack up as her school was ending [see HERE]. We had an interesting time getting there, but after a long day we finally made it [see HERE].

Heather and I had a few days in Savannah while Jenny was finishing up her classes. We had time to explore, which was fun because we had visited the previous October [see HERE] and it started to feel familiar. We would hang out at a quaint little coffee shop and wander around the city while she was in class. It's such a beautiful city. See [HERE].

We began our road trip on June 3rd and made our way out of Georgia and on to Nashville, TN. See [HERE] and [HERE].

On our second day we made our way through Tennessee, Kentucky and finally stopped in Springfield, MO. See [HERE] and [HERE].

Our days started to get longer on our third day. We drove up through Missouri, into a small part of Iowa and made our way across Nebraska. I'm still regretting not stopping at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, MO. See [HERE] and [HERE].

The fourth day was probably one of the longest. We drove through the rest of Nebraska, Wyoming and down into Utah and landed in Salt Lake for the night. One of the best parts of that day was going to In-N-Out; it was reminiscent of our time in California together! See [HERE] and [HERE].

We were ready to leave SLC on the fifth day! We literally ran from our creepy motel room to the car to get out of there! It was definitely a relief to cross the Idaho border! See [HERE] and [HERE].

Looking back, I wish that we had taken more time for things like stopping at the Precious Moments Chapel and silly stops like that. I'm so thankful I was able to experience this with two of my closest friends! It's definitely one of those trips I will always remember.

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  1. Sounds and looks like an amazing trip! I love roadtrips, but you're right, it's definitely the random little stops at convenience stores/churches/parks etc that make the memories.