Wednesday, August 1, 2012

27 before 28

I can't believe another year has come and gone. If you remember, last year I posted my 26 before 27 goal list. I didn't accomplish everything on my list, but it did push me to try and do things I wouldn't have otherwise. While I am, once again, not where I thought I'd be on my 27th birthday I am looking forward to this new year.

I've created my 27 before 28 list and included some things from my previous list. 

Friends & Social
1. Meet Amanda
2. Start planning 30th birthday trip with the girls
3. Take a road trip [San Francisco]

4. Read the Bible cover to cover [NIV] [Using THIS plan]

5. Create a monthly budget, get out of debt and save money 
6. Pay off credit card

7. Brainstorm photography concepts and create a personal photo series
8. Take a photography class
9. Get and stay current on my photo albums [2009 - present]

Premier Designs Business

10. Attend Premier Regional Rally in January
11. Become a Builder and Designer
12. Earn Premier Designs Incentive trip to Disney World
13. Reach the following: highest monthly retail, highest retail per show, # of shows
14. Reach Rookies Club, Home Show Club and Crown Jewel Program
15. Create and brand a facebook page for my Premier Designs jewelry business
16. Attend Premier National Rally in July

17. Stay up late and watch a meteor shower
18. Have a movie marathon
19. Build a fort/tent inside on a rainy day
20. Go on a hike
21. Run a 5k
22. Try rock climbing

23. Move to Seattle
24. Decorate my own place [via thrifting, estate sales, flee markets, saving & DIY projects]
25. Exercise consistently [2-3 times a week]
26. Maintain organization in my life, personally and work-related
27. Blog consistently [2-3 times a week]

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