Friday, November 16, 2012

Home Part 3: Heather's Bedroom

The apartment tour is coming to an end; there's only one post after this. It feels amazing for each of us to have our own space after sharing for so long. This is Heather's room. I felt it was only fair that after having the biggest room at our place in California that Heather got the bigger room in this apartment. Plus, she already had a queen size bed that a friend had given her, and this cute quilt from Urban to go on it. Heather's room is pretty random, eclectic and bright, but  it reflects her style very well.

Quilt/Shams: Urban Outfitters (from 2008)
Afghan: made by Heather
Pillows: Target & Ikea
Robot: made by Heather & myself

A big thank you to my parents for allowing us to take this dresser and mirror off their hands. The crate on the floor contains all of her art supplies. (Also, ignore the floor. That's just how the floor looks-paint splatter, scratches and all. Ah, the joys of renting!)

Something that makes our apartment extra special is that most of the paintings and wall decor were done by Heather. She is so talented and it makes this place feel more like home.

We would give you a tour of the closet, but it's so long and narrow that it's pretty impossible. Heather and I share the closet which we have jam packed. Our wardrobes need another brutal cleaning....mostly because the bar is bending and we're out of hangers. I blame Target.

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