Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This month marks our three-year anniversary of moving home from California. It’s definitely been an adjustment, especially living with our parents. God had been stirring us up for the past few months. We’re thankful that our parents have been there to support us, but we felt it was time to become more independent and to have our own space.

I had a temp job during the summer that came to an end at the beginning of September. I had spent the summer looking for apartments in both Boise and Seattle and sent many email inquiries, without any response. On my last day I came home from work feeling sad and lost, not knowing what was next for me. That night I ended up finding, what would be our new apartment. Heather and I went to check it out the next day, put our deposit down that night and we found out a few days later that we were approved.

We moved in about two weeks later. Three days later we left for our California road trip to see Janelle get married. Once we got back we finished our unpacking and got settled in to our new place. We had fun decorating, especially with some stuff we picked up at IKEA on our road trip.  If you can imagine, we made it through the IKEA in Sacramento in less than an hour and packed our car with everything we got!

We feel so lucky that everything seemed to just fall into place. Even though we got delayed a few times on our move-in date. We just felt like this was exactly where we were supposed to be. I may feel a bit lost, like I STILL don’t know what I’m doing with my life, but I feel like one more piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. For that, I’m grateful, and I continue to trust that God’s got it and I don’t need to worry.

We love our cute, little, eclectic apartment and wanted to share a home tour with everyone. It’ll be a few parts because we don’t want to overload everyone with too many pictures at once.

This first post is of our entry and living room. We love how it came together! It definitely feels like home!

Rug: Target 

 Rug/Tables/Pillows: Ikea
Couch/Right Chair: Boise Bench Commission
Left Chair: Gift from a friend

Mirrors: Ikea
Record Player: Urban Outfitters 

Heather's Christmas present from last year!

Picked up from Kelli's moving sale. I painted and Heather collaged. 

I must note we have since covered this hideous bookcase under the TV with a table cloth because ugh, what an eye sore!

Photo on the right taken by me.

I bid on and won this print by John Keatley at an event that MiiR had last fall. He is one of my favorite photographers and I love this image so much! I love that we were able to find such a perfect place for it!

Coffee table books: In Vogue, Influence and To Whom It May Concern

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