Saturday, October 27, 2012


Yikes! Guess I took another unplanned hiatus from the blog. Sometimes you just gotta do that.

The trial in May and June hit me really hard. It still seems so surreal. The sentencing in August was so incredibly emotional because it brought back so many memories from the trial. I started shaking as we walked up to the courthouse and felt sick to my stomach the entire time. It was horrible. I can’t imagine what it was like for Kathy. She’s currently in Pocatello serving her 10-year sentence. But her case was just accepted by the Idaho Innocence project and her lawyers filed an appeal the day after her sentencing. I’m still praying that God will be glorified and that He will redeem this.

In July I was able to go to Fort Worth, Texas for the Premier Designs National Rally! It was such a wonderful experience! I was able to see the heart and mission behind the company; it was something you have to experience to truly understand. I was able to connect with some of my fellow jewelers and we had so much fun! Regional Rally is coming up in January and it’s actually going to be in Boise! I’m looking forward to it and hoping that my family can come so they can learn more about Premier Designs.

Right before Rally I started training for a temp job, covering maternity leave, which I started full-time right after I got back. It lasted a total of two months. It was for a construction company in Boise and I was the administrative assistant. It started out rocky…my first day of training was absolute chaos and the second day I got someone fired because they asked me out through passing a note. I kept telling myself, “It can’t get worse than this.” I think they were speculating as to whether or not I’d make it through the first week. After that it slowly got better and I soon fell in love with my co-workers. It went by so fast and it was so hard to leave. I definitely cried on my way home on my last two days there. I’ve wanted to stop by and visit but since that ended the first week of September life has been going non-stop.

On my very last day of the temp job after I’d come home and (almost) finished crying I was looking at apartments on Craigslist. This is something I’d done all summer – alternating between looking in Seattle and Boise. That night I found an apartment in Boise and sent an email to get more information. I’d literally heard nothing from all the other places I’d emailed about, but the next morning I had an email waiting for me and so Heather and I went that afternoon to look at the place. We pretty much fell in love instantly and put a deposit down that night.

Unfortunately there were a few hiccups, but we moved in about two weeks later. It’s an apartment in an old house on the edge of Downtown Boise in the North End. In the middle of our move Heather and I drove down to Modesto to see our sweet friend Janelle get married. We drove down on a Thursday, made a stop at the Ikea in Sacramento, and then went on to Modesto. It was great to see Jenny, her mom and Megan and spend some time with them. The wedding was on Saturday and then on Sunday Heather and I went to San Francisco.  It was quite an adventure! We made a stop at David’s Tea, which had just opened up there and then we spent the day down by Ghirardelli’s Square and Fisherman’s Wharf. We even went on a boat ride out to Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. We stayed at a little hotel in Chinatown close to Union Square. We left bright and early Monday morning and made our way home. It was such a great weekend and nice to get away for a while.

After our trip we started to get settled in our new place. At the beginning of October we celebrated milestone birthdays for both of our parents, with surprise parties. My mom planned a pretty amazing surprise party for my dad and then we had a un-surprise party for my mom the next day. She knew we were doing something, but didn’t know what. I think she was pleasantly surprised to find out we were doing a 70s theme murder mystery party. It was such a fun weekend!

The Monday after the party weekend I started another temp job, which I’ve been at for the past three weeks. I’m covering someone’s medical leave, well kind of. I’m helping with miscellaneous work while other people help to fill in for the specific position. The best part is that it’s five blocks away so I can walk to and from work and come home for lunch to see my kitties. I was originally told it’d be a month long assignment which means one more week, but I’m not sure on the exact time frame now. I just found out that one of my old friends works in the same building as me and we were able to have lunch last week.

It’s been so much fun living in the North End! My heart is in Seattle because that’s where most of my really close friends are, but I know it isn’t time for me to go back there. Moving to Boise just felt like the right step and I feel like God opened all the right doors and everything fell into place. Heather and I are within walking distance to some really awesome places (i.e. The Matador – haha!). We’ve been able to go to the Saturday market, which is literally just down the street and then walk to things like Ignite Boise 9 at The Egyptian Theater or to Platinum Beauty Lounge to get our hair done.  I love feeling independent again. I’m coming up on my three-year anniversary of moving back from California (in November) and it was definitely time for a change.

I think I’m finally ready to look for a more permanent job here to help me feel more settled. I still love being a Premier Designs Jeweler and I’m hoping to pick that up more this fall since summer was slow for me.  But I also feel like I need a day job to help with expenses, since I actually have to pay rent now, haha. I have no idea what that may be, but I’m trusting that God will lead me to it in His perfect timing. In the mean time I feel pretty lucky that I’ve had such great experiences so far with Office Team and temping.

Yikes again! I guess I should have realized this would be long since it’s been so long. I am hoping to SLOWLY pick up on blogging again. With the move I’ve been trying to do things to help simplify my life and so posts may be few as I try to decide what I want it to be. I don’t know what it will look like and I make no guarantees. ;)

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